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Psychiatry Doctor in Nashville TN

Psychiatrist Doctors in Nashville and Dickson

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About Us

Dr. Bhupendra M. Rajpura, MD - Center for Adult & Geriatric Psychiatry.

We provide evaluation and treatment in the following areas:

Clinical depression, manic depressive or bipolar mood disorders, anxiety disorders such as panic disorder or excessive worrying, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, substance abuse, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, memory problems and older adult anxiety, depression or psychosis, and family conflicts. We also provide Competency Evaluation for older adults.

Our treatments focuses on helping the individual overcome their issues through the use of appropriate type of psychotherapy (cognitive behavioral therapy, education, family counseling, and interpersonal psychotherapy) and pharmacological treatment (medication). Our goal is to help our patients to deal and cope with their struggles through a combination of education, individual therapy, and judicious use of medication as indicated, if it will improve the patient's quality of life, enabling our patients to live productive, engaged and happy lives.

Our offices are conveniently located in Nashville, and Dickson, TN. Our patients come from all walks of life and ages, from young adults to CEO's of organizations and anyone in between. We treat every patient with an open mind, patience, caring and dignity.

Recently, many new therapies and medications have been developed and discovered, which may be useful in treating your psychiatric issues. Generally, the earlier a treatment program is started, the earlier the patient may be able to see their condition improve or recover than if they had delayed starting treatment.

If you or someone close to you is suffering from the effects of any mental disorder, learning difficulties, personality disorder, or mood disorder please contact us. I want to help.