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Dr. Bhupendra M. Rajpura, MD

Psychiatrist in Nashville

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide the best care possible to all of our patients. We see you when you need to be seen and not weeks or months later. We will do everything we can to help you navigate through the complexity of today's health care system. We always try to explain medical problems in terms that you can understand.

Psychiatric SymptomsWe believe that each person is a complex individual with his/her own unique bio-psycho-social components. What this really means is that we care about how you feel, how you want to be treated, how you live, and how life has affected you. We don't just treat your ailment; we treat the person that you are. Unlike, how your insurance treats you “a consumer,” We do spend a reasonable amount of time with you, and address all of your concerns. With your approval, we am willing to meet with your family as well.

We understand that your time is important and that is why we see you when we say we will see you. We always work hard to ensure that your waiting time in the office is minimal, if any. While we do not see walk-in patients, we always see patients within one week of initial contact.

For your convenience, we have two offices, one in Nashville and other one in Dickson. We can always change the location of your appointment depending on your needs and our availability.